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January 23
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Inyi (Wolves and Sillies) by Arnilo Inyi (Wolves and Sillies) by Arnilo
Wolves and Sillies, now with 100% more cubs!
Let me tell you how it works, you got to this pic, because maybe, just maybe, it caught your eye while browsing dA or, which is much more possible, it spammed your message box - thank you for coming here!
Now, a treat for you, like a cookie, or candy, but virtual and, let's be realists, crappier.
Anyway, be the first person to comment under this very pic of wraufla, my original specie of wolf-like creatures, and win one for you - yes, for FREE!
Where's the hook? There are two: this is not a request, you ask me for your own wraufla (note: your wraufla, not wraufla-you), I'll deliver BASING on your hints and ADJUSTING it to my view on them. Second one is simpler, you have one wraufla, you're not getting another one. At least not during Wolves and Sillies action.

Still not believing? This one belongs to IxisNyx who won it under the previous link of wraufla chain:

Pic-talking, pic-taaaalking, take us so far, take us so faaaar! Okay, putting Moby aside, here, catch some words about the pic! IxisNyx asked for female cub, preferably (as I took it) half-breed, riding a scared deer. She even provided a pic to base a lil' one on.
On to technicalities (sounding serious since 1999), it wasn't first time I drew a wraufla cub, but definitely first time after the specie got some image changes. Here I'm happy with the results. About being half-breed - that wouldn't work. Putting aside the fact that wrauflas take it very seriously when it comes to making children (although less so when it comes to... let's say, as there are no filters, cuddling), they're awesomely (as in awe inspiring) large beasts, in my last deviation I showed one standing next to galaw orc lady... and she was bigger despite the fact that I had her scaled down to not dominate the whole pic. So, yeah, sorry about that.
And about the deer... lol, dunno, I guess I'm silly like that.
More mongrels' story! And some Shy Horns!


Shy Horn is different than all the other dwellers wandering the snow plains of Far North. While every other animal is travelling in large herds, searching for food from one valley to another, Shy Horns live in solitude, feeding on anything they can find - mushrooms, lichen and what's left of someone's else feast (cause, frankly, anything living in this place would sooner or later try to eat you, dear reader). Those magnificent deer-like creatures come in few behavioral patterns - and so, for males there are Kings, Snatchers and Lancers, and for females Does and Amazons.
Kings are healthiest and strongest of Shy Horns, they're highly territorial and will try to scare away other males and most females as well - allowing the latter to enter their domain only during mating season and expelling them as soon as fawns are born. Snatchers are on the other side of the scale, being sick, crippled or simply small and fragile. They'll stick close to territories of few Kings or females, trying to enter them and scavenge for food, before running away from confrontation with local King. Lancers are something in between, also living without territory, but unlike Snatchers, they cope on their own. Lancers most of all are out to seek challenge and often will fight each another, either to impress females or over food. It happens that Lancer will brake into fight with King, but even after victory it will not claim the territory and will satisfy itself with scourging his food supplies.
Does in their behavior remind Snatchers a bit, but they are more subtle in it. Some of them follow Snatchers in carefully observing the Kings' territory for occasion, but most will follow Lancers, using their fights to either steal food from them or wait for winner to propose dining together. Amazons on the other hand are very similar to Lancers - up to the point when either Amazon challenges Lancer or other way around. The biggest of Amazons are known to challenge and win territory over Kings, starting own, short-lived Queendom, as without King's protection its food supplies are attacked from different sides by Snatchers, Does, Lancers and other Amazons - fight that "Queen" cannot win without ability to mark borders of her domain (well, not totally without, but having sign "we have fertile females!" on wall isn't particularly scary).

Shy Horns in wrauflas' understanding are very special. If Three Good Mothers postpone allowance of cub to the First Hunt, its parents can decide to send it out of the Communal Cave to seek and catch a Shy Horn. As these animals are extremely agile and fast, young hunter has to show its own speed, agility, strength and, most importantly, patience (or sheer luck) to bring one from that hunt. At this point First Hunt is only formality, with first Blood Moon he and other candidates are sent to one, chosen by Three Good Mothers, mongrel, whom will teach them Language of Hunters, tracking, path finding and all the other extremely useful things that living wraufla may found important. Dead wrauflas generally agree that they don't need them.

That one Shy Horn was a King, he fought well, hurting the large, elder mongrel that came for him. The mongrel, male that survived the countless days of life in desolation and outside of the tribe, brought the Shy Horn to the Communal Cave. Three Good Mothers themselves greeted the scarred male and congratulated over his successful hunt. Other wrauflas that were there in this moment looked with respect on mongrel, younglings ogling him with round eyes filled with awe, females putting their tails down and suspiciously smoothing up their moves, males not even trying to hide envy and jealousy for the hunter. He lost his eye and gained many scars in many fights that he won as well as lost. But he almost felt it, the greatest honor that can ever meet a mongrel - the entrance to the Communal Cave, Three Good Mothers blessing his relationship with one of the many females and clan... whole clan that will bear shards of his own soul generations later, when he'll already be roaming the skies with arch-pack..., days later, when he was back into Communal Cave, he resumed the duties of mongrel, stepping into cavern full of monsters that needed to be taken care of...
...with deep, bass sigh, scarred male called fatherly smile on his tired face, while packing his shoulders into Shy Horn's skin and grabbed the young cub, sitting her on them. Young Inyi was bravest of whole flock, she was first to try to climb the mongrel nanny (causing certain... disturbance while she was seeking further road up the hip), she also came up with idea of making him wear skins they were playing on. As far as he knew, she was also the first one to brake the Shy Horn's horn, using it to dominate the cavern, stabbing with it any cub that dared to doubt her authority.

They say, that when the day of First Hunt came for Inyi, she caught a Shy Horn, but instead of carrying it to Communal Cave, she doubled the route and brought it to her mentor's cave.

They even say, that when Three Good Mothers finally decided to allow the male into their tribe, he took Inyi as his mate and she chose him as well... but who knows the truth?
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Armygeneral13 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I like puppies/cubs ^.^. Nice work Arnilo!
Arnilo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Thank you!
Armygeneral13 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
eddy-white-fd Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're producing these damn quick! Very cute this one, my favourate so far.
Arnilo Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
Thanks for good word and fav!
Yeah, since very beginning I was rather quick with drawing wrauflas, but those are surprising even me, I guess it's this time of year again, or something :D I'm having tones of fun with them and can't wait to draw next one.
Walt-Marsters Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Cuteness overload!!!
Arnilo Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
mmmyyyeaaah, I guess giving up on making the skin or bloodied up was a good idea :hug:
Walt-Marsters Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Indeed  :hug:
Shabazik Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist
awww so cute X3
Arnilo Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Congratulations, there is wraufla waiting for you somewhere in the Far North!

Feel free to throw as many details as you feel like.
I'll feel free to choose some of them to ignore.
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