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"FREE" caught your eye? Good, now time for real update. More about free stuff somewhere among text below

Okay, first thing, shameless advertisement:
The Wolves and Sillies action is still going and my gallery will keep getting slowly populated with new wrauflas. The more about it you can find in comments under any deviation from the series, with latest iteration of it being always in this journal, in case anyone will be curious about it. Somehow. Aaaanyway, here it goes, who knows, maybe there's still one for you waiting somewhere there?
Reresa (Wolves and Sillies) by Arnilo

Second thing, the journal part of journal
The whole free pic for confirmed screen of my account hitting the ten thousands views got out of hands rather quickly! For now I'm suspending the whole action, although I may reconsider if the actual 10k screenie appears. Or I'll feel like nice person and think about something less fancy for people that were close.
There's plenty of things going on right now for me, some mild sickness included, but I was finally able to get back to drawing. I have some stuff that needs only finishing touches and I think I'll post at least some of it soon - although take soon relatively (well, if you're actually reading my journal you're probably already familiar with my hardly existent frequency of posting).
Although first thing first, the priority currently has picture for eddy-white-fd
If we're at it, go visit his gallery, like, yesterday. His anthros are amazing and I love every single one of them.
Okay, that will be all for this part for now, but if any further updates will appear, search for them here.

I can't encourage anyone to do that, but first I want to say, it is immense fun and you wouldn't believe what I was made to draw in my journals (but if you want to discuss the believing part, feel free to visit my previous journals).
Anyway, as always with my new journals for some time, I'm making ten open spots for first ten comments from different deviants under this very journal, each of said slots is getting a free pic made by me. Just, please, take a look into my gallery to learn what to expect from me. The quality may also vary, depending on topic - don't expect from me to ace anything that I have no experience with.
Now, about yes-and-no's there are none. I'll accept any topic and any theme you can come up with, at most I'll grit my teeth and give my best. Although I have two things that I don't really want to force, but I hope you'll follow - I'd like all the requests to be within dA's rules and I'd like wrauflas to not be included, unless it's one that you actually already own. That will be all.

Finally, here, as previously, I'll post the finished requests.
:iconshabazik: Quiebrahuesos by Arnilo
:icongoeliath: Thawing War by Arnilo
:iconwalt-marsters:Typical Werewolf Picnic by Arnilo
:iconeddy-white-fd: Hyena Pack by Arnilo
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Patryk1023 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
dzięki za lamę :D
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Ma przyjemność.
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dzięki za punkciki :3
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Thank you very much for the watch, my dear friend^^ It means a lot for me :D (Big Grin)

Have a nice day! Heart
Arnilo Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
The owls bought me. Absolutely love your style :hug:
Euminee Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you, sweetie :3 I'm glad you like my art! :D
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Thank you so much for spreading the love ;)
I appreciate it :hug:
Arnilo Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
My pleasure :hug:
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