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"FREE" caught your eye? Good, now time for real update. More about free stuff somewhere among text below
UPDATED! Go to second part of journal to see the update.

Okay, first thing, shameless advertisement:
The Wolves and Sillies action is still going and my gallery will keep getting slowly populated with new wrauflas. The more about it you can find in comments under any deviation from the series, with latest iteration of it being always in this journal, in case anyone will be curious about it. Somehow. Aaaanyway, here it goes, who knows, maybe there's still one for you waiting somewhere there?
Oru (Wolves and Sillies) by Arnilo

Second thing, the journal part of journal


I can't say I haven't enjoyed the ride, but things are coming to the end. Yesterday I've finally made my mind about Cyrti's story arc and I'm now officially calling it finished. The post-war parts that were planned are now canceled and I've chosen to leave her story between creation of Mondwargh and assassination of Finsternis in the fog - if anyone would like to pick up the theme, feel free to do it. From this moment ancient werewolf Cyrti becomes free to grab by first person that will request her. Not that you have to actually ask for any permission or you need one as of now, but I digress. In addition, situation on Arnil-O is currently getting sorted out, as I believe, and my final response for it is already finished and waits for upload. I may need to draw a closure for it as well, but that's more or less done too.

Okay, what I'm trying to say here is: I ask you, guys, how do you think I should bid farewell to the World of Aiers and Nebulosa of Ots? With all the major story arcs finally tied in and no loose ends left behind, I'd like you to suggest me some kind of grande finale for the whole trip. I'd like to listen to your ideas, especially of people from World-of-Aiers group.

Now, I guess that I have to do some explaining, but there's really not lots of it to do. Cyrti haven't really started as my own character, she was a foreigner, or rather visitor to my gallery, but somehow she grew on me. I've started to shape her more into one truly of my own and with that she also started to bent the world around her, which felt really invasive and wasn't something I intended - nor wanted - to do. I always marveled at how beautiful and how complicated construct Aiers was and marching into it with heavy boots (or werewolf leg wraps), stepping on stuff and generally making a cozy niche of my own looks more and more gross from my perspective as time goes. I had to restrain myself from elaborating the second time I've did that awful, awful thing with slapping modern Aiers with werewolves reappearance and now I feel like the same thing may as well happen with planet of Arnil-O in Ots setting. So I'm bailing out before it happens, it's really simple as that.
Now, I don't know where I will go from here. I thought about diving into Merchant Federacy universe of my own a bit and most certainly explore the world of Wrauflas more. I guess I need some time to think that through, so I may step out of dA for some time once I'm done with all the requests, maybe close this account and start anew, I don't know yet.

Anyway, cheers and stay happy, that will be all for 30th October update.

So, I'm glad I finally finished the pic for Eddy-White
If we're at it, go visit his gallery, like, yesterday. His anthros are amazing and I love every single one of them.
Okay, that will be all for this part for now, but if any further updates will appear, search for them here.

I can't encourage anyone to do that, but first I want to say, it is immense fun and you wouldn't believe what I was made to draw in my journals (but if you want to discuss the believing part, feel free to visit my previous journals).
Anyway, as always with my new journals for some time, I'm making ten open spots for first ten comments from different deviants under this very journal, each of said slots is getting a free pic made by me. Just, please, take a look into my gallery to learn what to expect from me. The quality may also vary, depending on topic - don't expect from me to ace anything that I have no experience with.
Now, about yes-and-no's there are none. I'll accept any topic and any theme you can come up with, at most I'll grit my teeth and give my best. Although I have two things that I don't really want to force, but I hope you'll follow - I'd like all the requests to be within dA's rules and I'd like wrauflas to not be included, unless it's one that you actually already own. That will be all.

Finally, here, as previously, I'll post the finished requests.
:iconshabazik: Quiebrahuesos by Arnilo
:icongoeliath: Thawing War by Arnilo
:iconwalt-marsters:Typical Werewolf Picnic by Arnilo
:iconeddy-white: Hyena Pack by Arnilo
:iconkanyiko: Wolftails: Guest Strip by Arnilo
:iconnumber-seventeen: Total Carnage by Arnilo
:icondaemoria: Tea Partying Hard on Arnil-O by Arnilo
:iconshemei777: Bring the Captain by Arnilo
:iconarmygeneral13: Slime Turtle by Arnilo
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