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The last journal was absolute and complete victory with ELEVEN out of TEN spots taken!

So what time is it? FREEbies time, of course!
The rules are same as in previous... FIVE times! Woah, it's been five of those I've already did? Granted, first two weren't filled with requests, but they still count. Amazing trip it was and you know what? I have no intention in finishing it here, so:

First 10 different comments from 10 different deviants will be awarded with FREE stuff for the authors according to their requests.

Where's the catch? There are multiple:
-> I'm the one that will be drawing so... well, expect stuff to be on my level. Please, browse my gallery to make sure that your super-brilliant idea won't be executed way more poorly than you imagined it to be.
-> I'm not super restrictive about what I will draw, but expect me to twist anything I'll feel uncomfortable with - or otherwise incapable of finishing - into something more like it. I'll generally won't outright refuse anything (at least didn't have to so far), but complicated ideas will take me more time...
-> ...which brings us to last point. As you might noticed in previous journals, those things take me lots of time to complete. Whole year in extreme examples. But I'll always try to make sure your request is still up-to-date, so I guess you can start with just securing a spot for yourself until time comes.

Anyway, that's not the only purpose of this journal, so now I'm off to the part that I'll keep updated with future info and you can generally stop reading already if you don't care about anything but FREE stuff.
It's actually first time since years I feel like I'm accomplishing something drawing-wise. I've been doing small improvements that probably aren't even visible, but I know they're there and that's enough for me. Those are things that you can't even see in the finished drawings, but speed up the process for me, keep my hand from shaking or otherwise secure the whole thing from being destroyed by stupid me - which was problem in the past.
I'm also slowly crawling back to where I was already a year ago anatomy-wise. I've started to feel comfortable with drawing humans again and taught myself thing or two about colouring stuff. But that's not all, the main thing for now is Merchant Federacy setting (won't link it here, cause no one is probably reading this part anyway, and those five people who are know what I'm talking about), which I feel immensely helped with my writing. It was the first time I was producing such long paragraphs and even if story probably doesn't make sense and sucks, creating something like that was just a great thing for me.
Of course, the priority were and always will be wrauflas. They're my children and, let's face it, sole reason why I'm here. That's why they deserve the special place, and said special place is here:
Nagra (Wolves and Sillies) by Arnilo
that's part of Wolves and Sillies action, by the way. Go to deviation page to learn more about it, next in link will soon be posted, so remember to buckle up to be first to grab next post. You know, if you're one of those two people that are still reading and don't have one yet.

Last thing, wall of bragging that I do things, i.e. freebies I've done so far.
:iconrecklesscharge: Here, fluff butt! by Arnilo
:iconshemei777: Lo and behold, the Ultimate Muffin! by Arnilo
:iconkanyiko: Party of three by Arnilo
:iconwalt-marsters: It was about to strangle the general! by Arnilo
:iconarmygeneral13: Amazonian Housecarls by Arnilo
:iconshabazik: Siga the Smith by Arnilo
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I'm here to rule.

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I found a Total war Renaissance mod video about the battle Vienna. I thought you might like it…
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Well, that was interesting, but also, dayumn, so inaccurate. Thanks for showing it, though.
Armygeneral13 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You're welcome. It makes me want to play Med 2 because of wing hussars. XD
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