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Okay, this is going to be divided on two:
FIRST THING: EXPLANATION AND APOLOGIES. The free requests are still not done and I'm really, really sorry for that, but the thing is... no, no buts, I've screwed it and they're not done yet, period. My fault.
The reason is, I'm absolutely awful at drawing human lately, and most of the requests are, more or less, human looking, so those are going to be on hiatus - well, kind of. I'm still doing sketches and practicing, so I'm hoping that, soonTM, you'll not only get those pics, but they'll be better then whatever I've drawn before. Fingers crossed here.
SECOND THING: WOLVES AND SILLIES. You've probably noticed that I've presented lately a final version of my original specie, the wrauflas (name courtesy of Shemei777). The thing is, I'm already preparing one for someone, as I've did in the past. What's new, is that they will become ongoing theme in my gallery and, as I still enjoy drawing them now and then, I'd like some inspirations. This way we come to the WOLVES AND SILLIES action. First person that will book a place with a comment under upcoming wraufla pic, will get to choose the specifics of next to come. So it's going to be kind of Adopt-a-Wraufla action, only that I'm claiming the complete freedom on how they will look and will probably attach short story about them.
I hope this will help me to tell more about them and help you, eventually, to learn more about them. So a win-win, right? Right? Comments appreciated, from now on it's the old entry, you can stop reading, if you have already read it in the past.

FREE STUFF! got your attention? Good. I'll be back to that free stuff thingy in a minute, first some update.
Problems with my hand occurred to be less serious then I thought. Oh, sure, I was said that I won't get rid of it and not much apparently can be done, but it's going very easy on me lately and I don't seem to have many problems with it as long as I'm not forcing it. I believe after short vacation it had I can jump back on a horse. Lately I've made few updates on my Tales of Snow world and will probably tuck some more in, so if you like it so far, pay attention.

I was also asked about introducing some of my naughtier sketches and drawings into my gallery. Here I'd like some advice from you - yes or no? I'd like to keep it civil and already got some nudity, but it comes mainly from my inability to understand why fur should cover nipples or be a bush that hides genitalia, when it's nowhere as bushy everywhere else. That's being uncool with cubs and opposite sex. Should I experiment with explicitly sexual stuff? Not really sure about it.

Okay, enough is enough, time for some action! Knowing that last journal was a huge success (well, aside two deviations that were delivered way too late and I will apologize for it once again), I'll go with winning squad.
First Ten Different Deviants that will leave comment specific enough under this very journal will get a FREE drawing in which I will give my best to depict their request (those rhymes!). The theme is totally up to you as long as it won't get Inquisition all over my ass. Before you'll go for it, please, checkout my gallery -and maybe leave some faves, if you're in the mood- cause I wouldn't like you to be later disappointed with my style and quality.

FQA (Frequently Questioned Answers)
Yes, Shabz, you can join ;)

Here I'll display all the freebies done so far. Yeah, they are freebies, as in FREE. And I am doing that, you see?

:iconcyberfox: Catch Me If You Can by Arnilo
:iconkanyiko: Ways of the Ancients by Arnilo
:iconshabazik: Rise and Shine by Arnilo
:iconwalt-marsters: Hit the road Jack by ArniloExemplary Parenthood by Arnilo
:iconixisnyx: IxisNyx Night Elf by Arnilo
:iconbunny75: Survivor by Arnilo
:iconarmygeneral13: AG13's Warriors - part 1 by Arnilo AG13's Warriors - part 2 by Arnilo AG13's Warriors - part 3 by Arnilo AG13's Warriors - part 4 by Arnilo
:iconpareldraakje: Pearl by Arnilo
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